Dream for Real

Innovational virtual reality experiences crafted to connect brands with people


PIXELMEDYA: Dream for Real

PIXELMEDYA is one of the Turkey’s leading virtual reality and visualisation studios,dedicated to creating beautiful, believable experiences enabling brands to connect with their audiences in new and unique ways.

By using our interior-design to fully utilise this new technology, Brands have all thrived from the ability to visualise their projects in incredible detail by virtually stepping into their creations like never before.

PIXELMEDYA creates video games, simulations, animations, architectural visualisations and educational projects. Our work is known for pushing boundaries, shattering limits, and redefining reality.

Each project is a unique, custom-designed immersive experience, and our team brings unrivaled passion and unequaled skill to meet the most complex challenges and to exceed expectations, but most importantly we have allowed your clients to share your vision.

The Visualisation Revolution can be tough, which is why we make the process as simple as possible allowing you to focus on what you do best. Let’s talk about it .


  • Marketing & Advertising

    For marketers seeking more to satisfy new generation consumers, branded 3d visualisation and virtual reality experiences exceed even the loftiest expectations. Immersive 3d visualisation and VR branding campaigns achieve what conventional media alone can’t; building loyalty, generating buzz, and delivering sustainable ROI.

  • Travel & Tourism

    From journeys to the world’s most fabled cities to excursions to the most exotic locales,3d visualisations, virtual tours and interactive brochures, creating immersive customer experiences leveraging the power of branded virtual reality to transform prospects into buyers, and first-timers into true believers.

  • Automotive

    There is no more powerful selling tool than a test drive, and today virtual test drives are uniquely positioned to help a prospective buyer fall in love with a vehicle. Artfully crafted to amaze—and to sell—using custom-tailored locations. The only thing missing is crowded city streets and exhaust.

  • Real Estate

    3d visualisation and Virtual Reality brings homes, apartments, commercial properties, and development projects to life as nothing else can. Intimate, immersive, interactive experiences will not only enthrall prospects, but do it in less time, in any weather, and in controlled, skillfully crafted environments built to sell.

  • Education

    3d visualisation and Virtual Reality radically redefines education. It’s much more than merely a new form of watching tutorials, reading books or learning something. The audience experience is reimagined. No longer passive, spectators become participants and intimately involved in the action.

  • Fashion

    Sell the latest lines and breakthroughs as never before possible. Take fashionistas to the runways, give them a front row seat at the very heart of virtual fashion shows and empower them to shop virtual stores where they can explore interactive portfolios in immersive VR fashion experiences.


We’re always ready to help with the next big thing, or bring new energy to even the most successful brands. If you’re ready, we’d love to hear your story.

You can get the conversation started by using our contact form, or shoot us an email at:

Acıbadem Mah. Çeçen Sok. Akasya Residence A Kule Üsküdar, İstanbul / Türkiye
T. +90 5321546934
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